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My first skateboard magazine cover, SBC Skateboard Vol 21 Issue 2, Adam Hopkins concrete continuum

Adam Hopkins ollie Lethbridge

It was Adam’s last day in Alberta and we made the drive out to Lethbridge. We had spent the last couple of weeks driving around to some of the more off the beaten path spots the province had to offer. The day was ruthlessly hot as we checked out some of the parks in in town. We were wrapping up at the old skatepark, everyone was hungry and tired and wanted to go eat and the sun was on it’s way down. I saw some crazy clouds rolling in and I had a feeling that we didn’t have time to wait. I convinced everyone that we should at least go check it out this spot before we called it a day. We rolled over and Adam started warming up. Adam had snapped a few ollies when a security guard rolled up and told us we had to leave. I talked him out of after showing him some of Adam’s first attempts on the back of my camera. He agreed to give us until he did his rounds and came back. Adam had landed half a dozen ollies by now probably but I could see the clouds were building up and rolling in, lightning going off inside of them, so I kept asking him for one more every time. About 10 minutes before the sun went down he snapped an extra high one and the clouds had gotten to epic proportions. I looked at the back of my camera and knew it couldn’t get any better then this. After showing everybody and celebrating a little bit we all went to local legend Roger Burnisma’s shop, Topless Pizza in high spirits and of course enjoyed some pizza and well deserved beverages. On the drive home I watched the thunder storm rage off on the horizon intermittently lighting up prairies for split seconds at a time. The next day I dropped Adam of at his rental car and he was off back to Vancouver .

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